The Game ft Fivio Foreign – Burnin’ Checks


The Game ft Fivio Foreign - Burnin' Checks
The Game ft Fivio Foreign – Burnin’ Checks

The Game Burnin’ Checks Mp3 Download

On The Game’s newest album, Fivio Foreign and The Game collaborate.
The long-awaited The Game album Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind is now available. Fans have been busy analyzing the massive 30-song track list while Game’s detractors have not hesitated to make fun of him. The Game has undoubtedly generated a buzz in the run-up to the album release. By posting comments on Eminem’s daughter’s bikini images on Facebook, he maintained his feud with the Detroit rapper, and he and 50 Cent carried on their verbal sparring.

Thankfully, the song can now stand on its own. Game collaborates with Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign to create a Drill banger on the second song off the new album. The song emphasizes representing New York in any way possible. Eazy-E appears in a tape in the beginning and says, “Everyone from New York is rapping about their Adidas, chains, South Bronx, and other things. I desired to make my city well-known.” Game also focuses on areas outside of the East Coast, rapping, “If I claimed I’m the king of New York, you’d be mad?/ If I said I’m the king of L.A., you’d be mad?” The perfect accompaniment to the track is Fivio.

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