Symba – “Top G”


Symba - “Top G”

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of a sizzling new release that comes with a side of powerful statements! The talented Symba is here to captivate your ears and empower your mind with his latest single, aptly titled “Top G.” But that’s not all—this track arrives on the heels of Symba fearlessly speaking out on the Ja Morant scandal, making waves in the industry and beyond.

With “Top G,” Symba delivers a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly blends infectious beats, catchy hooks, and his trademark lyrical prowess. Brace yourself for a musical journey that will have you nodding your head and feeling like a true boss.

But let’s not forget the impact of Symba’s courageous stance on the Ja Morant scandal. His willingness to speak out and shed light on important issues only amplifies the significance of his artistry.

So, get ready to add “Top G” to your playlist, and join Symba on this exhilarating ride. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and moved by an artist who isn’t afraid to make his voice heard both on and off the stage. Symba is here to stay, and he’s making waves that demand our attention.

Quotable Lyrics
I mean, look at Akademiks,
That n***a rich as most of you n***as out here killin’,
The rap game got f***ed up when street n***as realized
Rappers was making more money than drug dealers

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