Sushi.b – ‘7de Laan’


VIDEO: Sushi.b - ‘7de Laan’

In a much-anticipated move that sent waves of excitement through the online music community, the exceptionally talented content creator and producer, Sushi.b, has unleashed his latest creation, ‘7de Laan’.

As glimpses of the song were sneakily unveiled on social media, fellow musicians couldn’t help but shower accolades upon the artist, captivated by the infectious energy emanating from his keyboard-jamming teaser. Anchored by an enchanting violin solo, reminiscent of the iconic ‘7de Laan’ theme, Sushi.b masterfully weaves his magic by skillfully manipulating the sample, infusing it with the pulsating essence of Amapiano. Brace yourself for an extraordinary auditory experience by streaming ‘7de Laan’ below.

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