Soulja Boy – Zaza

Soulja Boy - Zaza

Soulja Kid drops off a tribute to perhaps the most famous strains available.

Despite coming in the game with the “Pretty Kid Loot,R; Soulja Kid has gotten one of the trippiest rappers in the game. Despite the fact that it creates the impression that he have eased back down on the lean and different , he has not quit moving up pounds of the most intense. Sometime in the distant past, he even guaranteed his lungs can withstand more kush smoke than any semblance of Sneak Homey and Wiz Khalifa joined. This case still can’t seem to demonstrated valid.

While we probably won’t see Soulja Kid go head to head against Sneak Homey and Wiz Khalifa consolidated, he came through with a song of devotion for the smokers with “Zaza.” The rapper’s most recent single is a tribute to quite possibly the most pursued strains at the present time. Soulja’s rough voice slices through the gritty creation as he depicts a day-in-the-life.

Look at the tune underneath.

Quotable Lyrics

Stacks On Deck, Money Gang, blowin’ on Zaza
Young Drako, I’m not with the rara
the cut, n***a pop like Impala
Whippin’ up dope, magic, Ta-da