Slogan feat. Nombila – ‘Isiphithiphithi’


Slogan feat. Nombila - 'Isiphithiphithi'

Prepare to delve into the depths of raw emotion as Slogan unveils his latest musical masterpiece, ‘Isiphithiphithi,’ released on May 18th. This powerful track weaves a poignant tale of a conflicted father or husband, grappling with alcohol addiction and an abusive nature that wreaks havoc on his family.

Through his collaboration with Nombila, Slogan paints a vivid picture of the impact this character has on their lives, reshaping their understanding of love and leaving behind a legacy of abuse. In this hip-hop joint, Slogan opens up about the complexities of human emotions, encapsulating both the highs and lows.

‘Isiphithiphithi’ serves as a captivating preview of Slogan’s upcoming project, ‘Bulumko,’ set to drop later this month. Prepare yourself for a fusion of the fresh amapiano sound with his signature hip-hop style.

Immerse yourself in the evocative sounds of ‘Isiphithiphithi’ below and brace yourself for an emotional journey like no other. Slogan is about to take you on an introspective ride through the depths of his artistry.

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