Slimelife Shawty – No Brakes

Slimelife Shawty - No Brakes

Just The Family’s own Slimelife Shawty holds it down with his fierce and melodic new single “No Brakes.”

Atlanta’s own Slimelife Shawty, who of late inked an arrangement with Lil Durk’s Only The Family records, has as of late dropped off his pristine single “No Brakes.” Opting to hold it down on the performance front, Slimelife takes to a melancholic piano snare banger and shoots two stanzas worth of rage and reprisal. “I’ma let this cutta ride, I’ma shoot up how them executed my man and how my siblings kicked the bucket,” he raps. “Turn me up, don’t turn me down, screw the opposite side, they simply different folks.”

There’s something profoundly fair about his methodology, which gives Slimelife Shawty’s “No Brakes” an invite genuineness. Elaborately, Shawty’s severe portrayals of road life are given further subtext by the torment clear in his voice. However as he advises it, the torment just served to turn his heart cold. “Them n**as fail to remember me in, I know they exercise learned,” he raps, turning his back without jumping. “I know they emotions hurt, I know they heart consumed.”

Look at “No Brakes” presently, and sound off in case you’re enthusiastic for additional from Slimelife Shawty.