Serpentwithfeet – Fellowship

Serpentwithfeet - Fellowship

Record maker comes through to drop off his new single “Fellowship,” set to be remembered for his new collection “Elder.”

LA’s own Serpentwithfeet has come through with his spic and span melody “Fellowship,” the most recent look at his impending task Deacon. With the collection set to land in full on March 26th on the Secretly Canadian engraving, this percussive and melodic new track looks good for what’s to come. Created by the consolidated gifts of Serpentwithfeet, Sampha, and Lil Silva, “Fellowship” takes as much time as is needed in unfurling. Melodiously, Serpent’s falsetto illustrates closeness and confidence. “This is the gift of my 30’s,” he sings. “I’m investing less energy stressing and additional time describing the adoration.”

As he clarifies in an official statement, “Fellowship” is “committed to any individual who has had an old buddy or been an old buddy.” In a period tormented by vulnerability, it’s invigorating to see such topics investigated, and Serpent’s contemplative songs pair pleasantly with the relieving plan. A melody to become mixed up in, particularly when a portion of the more exploratory creation decisions enter the blend. “Our interest with prosecco, The senseless face you make when I make proper acquaintance,” he sings. “I never saw profound full breaths, Til you came around and you just changed the manner in which I snickered.”

Look at it for yourself now, and search for Deacon to drop in full on March 26th.


This is the blessing of my 30’s
I’m spending less time worrying and more time recounting the love