Russ & Lil Baby – UGLY

Russ & Lil Baby - UGLY

Record producer Russ had a strong 2020 with his Shake The Snow Globe collection, the CHOMP EP and the loosies he dropped every Friday for a few months. In case youR7;re a Russ fan, you unquestionably ate.

Yet, the autonomous rapper is hoping to continue gathering speed as he enters 2021. On Wednesday, he dropped an unexpected declaration that he’s delivering another single ‘UGLY’ highlighting individual Atlanta inhabitant on Thursday at 12 PM alongside its music .

Watch the trailer above. The Boi-1da delivered track will be accessible wherever at 12 PM in the U.S. be that as it may, it’s now out in select global business sectors where it’s Friday as of now. The horns-driven, low rhythm beat gives the two rappers an ideal pocket to do their thing.

Appreciate beneath.

“I don’t gotta say, “What’s up” to you, I don’t gotta say, “Hey”
And I don’t gotta act like I f*ck with you, b*tch, I’m already paid
And if you talk sh*t, then it’s up with you, and it’s where it’s gon’
‘Cause I don’t gotta act like I fuck with you, ’cause I’m already paid
‘Cause I got your b*tch now in love with me
And now I’m now, and it’s getting ugly”