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Today on SAHipHopZA, listen to this gentle audio studio piece titled SSERTIFIED.

“SSERTIFIED” is brilliant hit track by American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

The song has enticing Bars, amazing melodies, and lyrics that will get your day off to good start and make you not want to take off your headphones.

Below you may listen to and download the song.

Robb Bank$ SSERTIFIED Mp3 Lyrics

Yeah, mwah
(Sonny Digital)
Mwah (He-he-he)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, mwah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, mwah
(You know what it is)
Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah
Pussy ass nigga

Certified, yeah, certified (Yeah)
Yeah, certified, yeah, I’m certified (Big dawg)
Yeah, certified, yeah, certified (Big city)
Yeah, certified, yeah, I’m certified (Yuh, SSETT, yuh)

Whole team lit, we been paid, been thuggin since jit days
5% tint, I flip a bitch in a worst way
Give a fuck what hе say, give a fuck what she say
Sonny on beat, Philly bitch еat it like a cheesesteak
And I’m ridin’, o-lo
Spinnin’ on you solo
Smokin’ on this mid-ass opp pack, what I gotta cough for?
Been, stood there, is that, even when I rode a Volvo
She keeps saying smile, baby girl, these ain’t no rhinestones
Made a M in 2012, what I gotta lie for?
All about the check, get up off my dick, I’m in my vibe, hoe
All my niggas eat up on they smack this pussy, laylo
I don’t shake no hands, I’m too rich to have a convo
Biggest SSETT living, what the fuck I got to rap for?
Only hang with members outside, lets get the bag, doe
Gave your hoe a tesla, made her chew it, she got lockjaw
Fuck 12, nigga we tryna’ blow up the cop car (Bitch)
I’m a gangsta’ not a rockstar
Take off in the Vet, droppin’ of the [?], and then I slide off
Bangin’ on my chest, beyond the fence, when the shots fired up
Real stepper, I left footprints in your hood dawg (Shh)
Bitch my motherfucking feet sore, big perc
Take the whole thing, I need ’bout three or four
Tom Ford boxers, ’bout to pull it out on a Palermo Fourth
Rich nigga dick, yeah you know that shit you hoes cannot afford (Nah)
Let’s get active, fuck a bitch, and I gave her backache
Gun totin’, imma aim and blast it
Imma shoot it out before I [?]
Nigga know you a full time capper
And the rose gold look dapper
I just bought three new rifles
They encourage your ass to strap up (Mwah)

Certified, yeah certified
Yeah certified, yeah I’m certified
Yeah, certified, yeah certified
Yeah certified, yeah certified


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