Rio Da Yung OG ft Lil Yachty – 1v1


Rio Da Yung OG ft Lil Yachty - 1v1

Listen to as Rio Da Yung OG ft Lil Yachty Link up to release a New Single titled “1v1”

This week, Rio Da Yung OG got back with his most recent contribution, “1v1” ft. Lil Yachty. The frosty creation is the thing that you’d anticipate from Detroit, however the Flint, MI rapper transforms it into his own. Yachty, explicitly, has obviously discovered his own customary range of familiarity inside that style of creation.

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Step around my kitchen with my oven, there’s a brick in it
Plain AP on my wrist, it’s a brick on it
Damn, she cute and she thick, I’mma trick on it