RiFF RAFF ft Yelawolf – TiP TOE 4

RiFF RAFF ft Yelawolf - TiP TOE 4

RiFF RAFF and Yelawolf return it to the eighties with a synth-wave banger, the night-drive agreeable ÜPussyfoot 4.”

RiFF RAFF has consistently been one to walk to the beat of his own drum, and his most recent single “Pussyfoot” is additional proof that he’s just after whatever way his inventive brain lays before him. Also, now and again, the objective is really surprising, just the case on his shiny new Yelawolf two part harmony. For one, it promptly harkens back to an easier time – the eighties – when the synthesizers were extremely popular and the night drive soundtracks were rarely more vivid. It may not be what hip-jump heads are expecting, however condemned on the off chance that is anything but a unique bearing.

Expressively, RiFF RAFF slides over the synth-wave with precisely what you’d expect, with portrayals of his extravagant closet and affection for gems. “Pussyfooting through the adornments store, Christian Dior mink draggin’ to the floor,” he sings, sounding straight out of a film scene where the hero runs with a reason. “I don’t actually think often about cash any longer.” Though he selects to completely focus on a more melodic conveyance, Yelawolf keeps things somewhat more grounded, preparing a smooth stream fixed with symbolism from his come-up.

Notwithstanding anything, “Pussyfoot 4” is a fascinating delivery, presumably dissimilar to anything you’ll hear today – look for yourself now, and sound off.


Tip-toe, tip-toe, spinnin’ the big role
Ain’t no penny flippin’, city stickin’, I hit those
Went from takin’ sacks and trappin’ down at the Citco
To flippin’ tickets to bitches flashin’ on front rows