Reese LAFLARE ft Benny The Butcher – No Hook

Reese LAFLARE ft Benny The Butcher - No Hook

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Reese LAFLARE No Hook: Listen to this new released as Reese LAFLARE & Snap On “No Hook”

Reese LAFLARE and Benny The Butcher step ably to the plate, their two distinct styles blending nicely over the distorted 808s and frantic woodwinds. LAFLARE sets things off with dexterous verse, the slightest menace bleeding into his bars.

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N***s like me put them bitches to work
She jump out the backseat, fixin’ her skirt
Bitch it’s Griselda, the gang with the wave
This year made at least a quarter-million off merch
And I’m on that gas so I don’t do coke
This white bitch with me, she might do both