Ranna Royce ft KXNG CROOKED – Wordplay

Ranna Royce ft KXNG CROOKED - Wordplay

The two rappers feature their expressive inclination on “Wit.”

Oneself declared “illest Persian in the structure” Ranna Royce is a demonstrated lyricist whose endeavors have acquired her some strong co-signs however maybe, none that hold more weight than KXNG Crooked’s. The two craftsmen have been securing in the studio briefly with their new single, “Wit” at last hitting web-based features on Friday. The two sets exchange bars with fast streams and savvy bars, demonstrating that Ranna can stand her ground against any rapper.

working with RANNA on the grounds that she is exceptionally energetic about her craft. That is vital to ,” Crooked said in a proclamation to UPROXX. “I accept she’s in excess of a star; she’s a genuine craftsman in a literal sense. It’s uncommon to track down a gifted lyricist who is active with each part of making music, recordings, and the message behind marking. I anticipate enormous things from her sooner rather than later. Presently go watch our video for ‘Wit’ and reveal to me I’m off-!”