Queen Naija & Ari Lennox – Set Him Up


Queen Naija & Ari Lennox - Set Him Up

The women exchange lines about plotting to get a bamboozling man.

Warbler Queen Naija is keeping the focus on her Misunderstood collection by sharing Misunderstood…Still, and she rocks the boat with her new joint effort with Ari Lennox, “Set Him Up.” The steamy single sonically seems to be a provocative story yet on the off chance that you give close consideration, the women are exchanging data. Obviously, they’re managing a similar man so they’re planning to “Set Him Up” to get him in the demonstration.

Information on this single caused discussion after a couple of Ari Lennox’s fans disagreed with Queen Naija’s supposed colorism requires years prior in a viral YouTube video. Sovereign has since a long time ago apologized for her comments however with each new delivery, the outrage pops up. In any case, Queen and Ari’s vocals delightfully supplement one another. Stream “Set Him Up” and let us know your musings.