Price ft Hit-Boy – Bad Dreams

Price ft Hit-Boy - Bad Dreams

Amidst a veritable hot streak, Hit- evokes some creepy synthesizers on Price’s new single “Awful Dreams.”

Its a well known fact that Hit-Boy has been placing in work behind the sheets – for example, the man as of late brought home a Grammy grant for his work on Nas’ King’s Disease. Today, Hit associates with Audio Push graduated class Price for the arrival of “Terrible Dreams,” favoring his successive teammate with an up-beat banger over which the emcee continues to place in work. Despite the fact that Hit-Boy himself is no more bizarre to spitting bars, Price takes the focus on this go-around, capably exploring Hit’s creepy synthesizers.

“Haters see, when you see Price, I was truly thugging when the streetlamps went ahead,” he raps. “Four keys, signal blare, I’m on/pull out the Lil Jon, skeet, I’m no more.” The flexes proceed all through the track, and keeping in mind that it may have profited by an extra section from Hit-Boy, Price is unquestionably fit for holding consideration by his own doing. Look at it for yourself now, and search for more music from the California rapper.