PnB Rock ft King Von – Rose Gold

PnB Rock ft King Von - Rose Gold

Hip Hop music craftsman PnB Rock and King Von interface on “,” a coordinated effort that feature’s the previous’ songs and the last’s raps.

Today, PnB Rock has formally come through to convey his new single “Rose Gold,” highlighting a visitor appearance from the late King Von. While it’s hazy regarding whether we’ll be seeing a collection at any point in the near future, PnB has tried to favor fans with an extra – one that serves as a token of what King Von brings to the table as a craftsman. From its sound, PnB got himself a close companion in Von, with their kinship stretching out past the studio.

“Me and Von associated outside of music,” clarifies PnB, speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. “I met him through Durk, and that is the word. He just was a cool individual, he was extraordinary. He was an uncommon variety. What’s more, me and him tapped up it was this way. We was all the more so on a fraternity, to the extent like, in case I’m ever in his city, he up in my city? We connected up, we pooled up. It wasn’t just barely music, that was some fraternity we had brother. He was only a chill off to earth person.”

Concerning the actual tune, “Rose Gold” includes a sound cluster of songs from Rock and raps from Von, with the two components upgraded by a beat-switch. “Fightin’ murder ones, Couldn’t see my child,” raps Von, rebellious in the midst of his difficulties. I was on the run, actually carry the weapon.” Concerning Rock, he stays melancholic regardless of his luxurious abundance. “I got every one of these scars ’cause my ni*ga’s gone,” he sings, in the track’s ensemble. “Tatt them on my back and put them in my tune.”

Look at “Rose Gold” presently, and sound off in the remarks.


Before I die they gon’ remember me
For bein’ in these streets and slangin’ heat, ain’t ducked no enemies
I wasn’t the toughest ni*ga, I ain’t never preyed upon the weak
And your lil’ baby mama lip good but pussy weak