OnCue – Big Mad

OnCue - Big Mad

Song writer, and performing artist drops Big Facts on dealing with Love And Haters With “Big Mad”.

Those that can recollect unlimited days at the arcade as a youngin’ may encounter extraordinary wistfulness in the wake of getting a gander at the vibes in this video, and it doesn’t hurt that you can really thump to the fire beat created by Turbz, Brenton Duvall and Lifeoftheo. On the off chance that this is a see of what’s to come, and it sounds anything like his 2019 venture I Hate Me Too, OnCue is on target to being one of the critical rappers to pay special mind to that are presently speaking to for another West Coast wave.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I was eating wontons with the duck sauce
Yeah they try, yeah they swore that they wrote me off
Now I’m staying on this shit like I’m Tony Hawk
Every time you talk, all I hear is sodium 
Oooh I’m in this bitch, and I’m stuntin’ like Steve-O
Me and my amigos sippin’ Casamigos
If we run out, then we switch to the Tito’s
Always on beast mode, yeah that’s the ethos