NBA YoungBoy – Bloody Night


NBA YoungBoy - Bloody Night
NBA YoungBoy – Bloody Night

NBA YoungBoy Bloody Night

2018 saw the release of a brand-new mixtape titled Realer by NBA YoungBoy. Many of his followers still hold this to be his best work to date, top to bottom.

Because of this, fans were quite enthusiastic when the rapper hinted that a sequel was coming earlier in the year. “Ha ha…… should I dump realer 2 tomorrow?” said the YouTube description when he released “Opposite” in February. Nothing happened, and many people forgot about it, but today his devoted following is treated.

Yesterday, DJ Akademiks revealed on Twitter that the NBA had contacted him and wanted him to make an announcement about the release of Realer 2. The fresh tape has now been released globally after an approximately day-long wait. We can blame the rapper’s status as a free agent following the release of The Last Slimeto for instances like this.

Listen to this new tune below.