[Music] AKA – Sponono ft. Sjava, Baby S.O.N, 031 Choppa

[Music] AKA – Sponono ft. Sjava, Baby S.O.N, 031 Choppa

AKA – Sponono ft. Sjava, Baby S.O.N, 031 Choppa MP3 DOWNLOAD

‘Sponono’ is an absolute gem from the sensational album ‘Mass Country’, taking the South African Hip Hop scene by storm this year. This chart-topping album has dominated the charts for a remarkable 23 weeks, claiming the coveted #1 spot on both the Apple Music Hip Hop Albums and overall Album charts.

With its official certification as a Gold record in South Africa and a staggering 2.6 million global streams, ‘Sponono’ is the perfect winter season follow-up single. To commemorate this milestone, the track is now being sampled on national radio, providing a platform for the featured artists to pay tribute to the legendary AKA through various supporting activities.

As the second single released from the award-winning ‘Mass Country’ album, ‘Sponono’ joins the ranks of the album’s five previously certified Platinum and Gold singles. This achievement solidifies ‘Mass Country’ as the Megacy’s ultimate favorite masterpiece from the Supa Mega, cementing AKA’s undeniable talent that resonates deeply with his fans.

‘Sponono’ serves as an ode to love, an unabashed expression of admiration by a man deeply in love. The term itself, derived from Sotho language, exalts the unparalleled beauty of a black woman, showering her with praise and affirmation.

True to its genuine essence, Supa Mega’s verse in the song is a heartfelt dedication to his partner, Nadia Nakai, declaring, “this is real love, it’s ride or die… perfect combination, suit and tie, angel, halo see you in my dreams in porcelain white.” His lyrics further express how she has been his heaven-sent angel, providing solace and tranquility during turbulent times.

Behind the scenes, ‘Sponono’ boasts an impeccable production team consisting of renowned producers 031 CHOPPA, Xivonaki Manzini, and Tshupo Khutsoane, who have previously collaborated with esteemed artists such as Sjava, Costa Titch, Phila Dlozi, Prince Kaybee, and JR.

Reflecting on the release, AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, shared her thoughts: “Mass Country meant everything to Kiernan. He would be so proud of all the accolades and grateful to the Megacy for showing up for him yet again. His legacy lives on through his music, and his new single, ‘Sponono,’ allows the world to reconnect with him once more.”

The artists involved in creating this masterpiece also opened up about their experience collaborating with AKA. 031 Choppa shared, “I wrote this hook with my beloved, my Sponono, in mind. In this song, I express my unwavering commitment to her. When I started producing the beat with the guys, I didn’t expect the magic that unfolded. Then Forbes walked in and declared that it’s the perfect hook for the beat. The rest is history.”

Baby S.O.N chimed in, saying, “Sponono! What a beautiful moment.”

Now, it’s time to experience the enchantment of ‘Sponono’ for yourself. Listen to it below:

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