MDMA – Wildflower

MDMA - Wildflower

Best music craftsman MDMA is back with his most recent single, “Wildflower.”

MDMA has been consistently keeping his foot on the pedal throughout the years with huge loads of surly R&B bangers and proceeding to show development with each drop. Only a couple months back, he came through with his new task, Utopia: Days B4 The Peak and before that, GENIE. Obviously, he’s been occupied however he’s keeping up that equivalent drive, consistency and yield since we’ve entered another year.

To kick things off, MDMA offers a medication powered with his most recent single, “Wildflower.” The testy R&B banger fills in as his first single of the new year just as his development to 2020’s “Rancher Bebop/Father Darkside.” It’s a strong contribution that we trust flags another undertaking in the months ahead. Peep the track underneath.

Quotable Lyrics

She might bring me to the fire
Tellin’ me everything I