Marlon Craft – State Of The Union

Marlon Craft - State Of The Union

Musician Marlon Art offers his interpretation of current undertakings on his most recent single, “State Of The Union.”

America’s disruptiveness has been gotten up front in the course of recent years. It isn’t so much that it didn’t exist already yet the bigotry and xenophobia were unhesitatingly appeared all through Trump’s residency as president. Today is his last day, however he demands that things are simply starting.

Marlon Art is no except for he held his own public location today with the arrival of his most recent single, “State Of The Union.” The rapper’s new single is off of his impending undertaking, How We Planned. Specialty takes on current undertakings from governmental issues to fundamental abuse, ecological issues and more over the span of five-minutes.

It’s another solid exertion from Art who dropped off his last single, “At The Entryway” a week ago. Peep “State Of The Union” beneath and keep your eyes stripped for How We Expected dropping in Feb.

Quotable Lyrics

Vague tweets about how you love everyone
You won’t even wear a mask to save somebody grandmother
Entitled to the lies, of freedom, you in denial
I seen this shit for a while, it’s lethal, word to Danny Glover