Majid Jordan – Waves Of Blue


Majid Jordan - Waves Of Blue

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Over the most recent couple of years since The Space Between turned out in 2017, Majid Jordan have delivered a lot of new singles that all felt like the beginning of the mission for the third collection. First came ‘Soul’ and ‘All Over You’ as a double pack in the late spring of 2018. At that point in July of 2019 the pair collaborated with Khalid for ‘Got up to speed’. A quarter of a year from that point onward, we got ‘Hotshot’.

From that point forward however, the pair have been just about as calm as anyone might imagine. Majid and Jordan both vanished off of web-based media and the entire time, fans were trusting that they were chipping away at music, yet there were no assurances. Anyway on the last scene of OVO Sound Radio a couple of days prior, another Majid Jordan melody was worked out of no place. At that point they dropped a video, saying that they had been chipping away at music the whole time and that their new single ‘Rushes Of Blue’ would be out soon.

This evening, it’s out and the new period is formally upon us. You can hear it out beneath.