Macklemore – Trump’s Over Freestyle

Macklemore - Trump's Over Freestyle

goes after Donald Trump, Liberals, Republicans, and even Joe Biden on his new free-form “Trump’s Over.”

It wouldn’t have been long until the rap game started reacting to the most recent day of Donald Trump, yet barely any normal that the primary stone would be projected by Macklemore. But, the “Second hand shop” rapper has formally gotten back to wave an insulting bye-bye to the previous President, who served one term in office prior to being vanquished by Joe Biden. Despite the fact that rarely Macklemore slides once again into the stall, his fans will no uncertainty appreciate this most recent portion of bars, if they aren’t steadfast Trump supporters, obviously. For them, Macklemore clarifies that he holds no affection.

However, they aren’t the solitary individuals to get his rage. “All you dissidents that are out there being quiet, while individuals of color biting the dust because of police viciousness,” he raps, getting down on the lip service in some cases displayed by the left. “That care more about basic entitlements and reusing/and bicyling and the atmosphere and toothpaste with iron/you also are complicit, you also getting raised/offer it to you free, U2 are the issue.” truth be told, Macklemore appears to be resolved to even the odds, considering America “outfitted, moronic, and perilous” as he clarifies that Biden isn’t the hero some describe him. Should you be interested in hearing the rapper’s interpretation of current undertakings, look at “Trump’s Over” here.


All you liberals that are out there being silent
While black people dying at the hands of police violence
That care more about animal rights and recycling
And bicyling and the climate and toothpaste with iron
You too are complicit, you too getting brought up
Give it to you pro Bono, U2 are the problem