Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids


Mac Miller - 100 Grandkids

Mac Miller 100 Grandkids Mp3 Download

Four years eliminated from his shocking passing, Mac Miller’s music actually perseveres.

On this day in 2018, the hip-bounce world was disheartened by the stunning information on Mac Miller’s passing at 26 years old. Quite a while later, the agony of misfortune actually runs profound. It feels fitting to feature one of the numerous champion tunes of his noteworthy and shifted inventory, which incorporates such adored undertakings as K.I.D.S, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Faces, and GOOD AM.

Talking about the last mentioned – GOOD AM is a fascinating one, as it fills in as a complex and topical progress point for Mac. However he’d later proceed to handle topics like love, connections, and psychological well-being on collections like The Divine Feminine and Swimming, many actually look to his more rap-substantial period as his prime.

All things considered, “100 Grandkids” feels like a merited triumph lap, a cross breed of Mac’s complex persona – the fun loving, reserved, and lighthearted youth and his more debaucherous, epicurean, and obstinately oblivious partner. Here, the two sides are exemplified by a two-section melodic shift, delivered by the pair of I.D. Labs and Sha Money XL.

Find happiness in the hereafter Mac Miller – four years eliminated from his lamentable demise, have you kept GOOD AM on recurrent turn?

Quotable Lyrics

I made a mill’ before I paid a bill
Cause fools worried about a wave, I’m a Navy SEAL
Come with me, I can make your life change for real
Always had a dream of stuntin’, it ain’t nothing unless you runnin’ shit
Just a young muthafucker with a plan