Lou Phelps ft Problem – Nike Shoe Box 2.0



Lou Phelps Nike Shoe Box 2.0 Mp3 Download

Hip Hop music craftsman Lou Phelps and Kaytranada are back with a development to their smooth track “Nike Shoe Box.”

Caring couple Lou Phelps and Kaytranada have been sweethearts of the Montreal music scene for a long while now, and at whatever point they connect up for some new music, fans hurry to their number one real time features, as they probably are aware some quality has arrived. Back in October, the two dropped a simpleton single called “Nike Shoe Box” which included high-energy raps and a portion of Kaytranada’s smoothest creation yet. Presently, the two are back with “Nike Shoe Box 2.0” which just so ends up highlighting any semblance of Problem.

This most recent variant of the melody includes a comparative rapping style as the verses are braggadocios and energetic. With respect to the creation, Kaytranada achieves his electronic sensibilities, while additionally joining some inspected vocals that add a huge load of profundity to the vibe of the track.

You can stream the new melody, underneath.

Quotable Lyrics:

Everyday’s a gamble homeboy what your eyes like
Do yourself a mill and still not play your cards right
Real life kept these bars tight, been the boss type