Lil Gnar ft Chief Keef – Almighty Gnar


Lil Gnar ft Chief Keef - Almighty Gnar
Lil Gnar ft Chief Keef – Almighty Gnar

Lil Gnar Almighty Gnar

Keef’s first signing as part of his new deal with RBC Records/BMG was the 26-year-old Atlanta rapper.
The duo have released the former’s debut track, “Almighty Gnar,” just a few months after Chief Keef announced that Atlanta’s Lil Gnar would be the first signee of his 43B record label.

“We ready if the opps think they can smoke me / These bitches dirty / Where I’m from, you get a pistol for dirty cheap / A McFlurry,” Keef begins over the Shawn Ferrari and Akachi-produced beat.

“I feel like I’m Chief Keef in 2012,” Gnar raps, “all these bitches claim they love me, I pour Wocky by myself / I just want some sloppy, told the thotty keep her trousers on / Gave my youngin 20, told him slide with the shiest’ on.”

If you like Lil Gnar’s new track, you can see him play with CK in Phoenix on September 9th, or at his Rolling Loud New York event on September 24th.

Stream Lil Gnar’s “Almighty Gnar” below, and check back later for more music updates from SAHipHopZA.