LADY XO TOLD EM Mp3 Download

Here is a new project by International music producer titled LADY XO – TOLD EM Mp3 Download

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[?] you too high for me, I’m putting shit in motion
Yeah, you say that you hustle, when everyone know you stole it
I might lie for a second but just to see who had told ’em
[?] I’m steps ahead, my pockets fat, I’m reloading
No I said I wouldn’t change up but you knew you was bogus
Ain’t let it get to me but I don’t see that shit turn me colder
Got it crumbled in the bag but I ain’t care, I still sold it
I got farmers in the sticks so what you need? We can grow it
What you mean, I’m devoted, I can get you promoted
Real life, I steady put ’em on before me, they was just local
You be wasting time on hoes, I tried to tell you to focus
We both got different agendas and that was duly noted
Don’t care if they believe me ’cause every time I’ma show ’em
You know that rhyme we had was dope but I was loyal, you broke it
I don’t need an advisor, I went and got me some tokens
I just cash out on the [?] I’ma break off the broker
My own blood preyed on my losses, saw my wins I’ma soak ’em
I don’t stress because I’m blessed, I counted that when I woke up
Fuck is he talking about?
And I’m 808, he tried to play me, can’t say I never told him
Go through life with that dilemmas, I just don’t advertise it
My plug, he stay outta the way, ya got me putting up miles
Plenty times I woulda smiled right before I was crying
I was living with no purpose, I thanked God I could find it
Turned my wrongs into a right, least they can’t say I was lying
I ain’t never met your friend, only speak business in private
I ain’t ask [?] please don’t try it [?] get violent
[?] so now I’m moving in silence