Key Glock & Young Dolph – Sleep With The Roaches

Key Glock & Young Dolph - Sleep With The Roaches

Key Glock and Young Dolph prepared up for ÜDum and Dummer 2̶; with new single “Lay down With The Roaches.”

Key Glock and Young Dolph are set to indeed channel Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels for another portion of Dum and Dummer. The continuation, which is set to arrive on March 26th, stays an expected from the two players, however many expectation it will toll better compared to its artistic partner Dumb and Dumberer. Fortunately, early signs seem promising, particularly in the wake of their new single from the task “Lay down With The Roaches.”

Debuting the track on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio, Key Glock clarifies that the creation quickly motivated him to go hard. ” My adrenaline just got the surge,” he reflects. “It’s actually similar to when I see cash, my adrenaline get the hurry. So it resembles, when I heard that beat, I just got in my mode.” Unsurprising given the nature of the wild eyed instrumental, which is quickly assaulted by the two players, both of whom take part in an implicit rivalry to crush more flexes into a given refrain.

In similar Beats 1 meeting, Dolph shares a couple of considerations on the impending task, prodding that it will be an enhancement for the first – effectively a high bar, certainly. “This subsequent one however, it’s a vibe,” he clarifies. “It resembles 60 minutes in length vibe. 20 tracks or something. What’s more, it’s simply an entire vibe from start to finish.” Be certain to look at “Laying down With Roaches” at the present time, and sound off in case you’re energetically anticipating the arrival of Dum and Dummer 2 on March 26th.