Key Glock – Off The Porch

Key Glock - Off The Porch

Hip Hop recording craftsman enters 2 singing hot.

Young Dolph will stand out forever as a similarly clever money manager as he is a gifted rapper. He has it out the mud all , pridefully without a significant mark backing him. Be that as it may, over the most recent couple of years, his name has extended with the expansion of Key Glock who’s been slaughtering it in the previous two years. He returned to in 2020 with the arrival of Yellow Tape and , alongside a large number of singles that kept on thundering between projects.

Today, he arose with his first drop of the year named, “Off The Porch.” Tackling a rather dreary, moderate instrumental, he coasts over the creation with moxy and certainty, establishing the pace for the year that he’s going to have.

Peep the track underneath,

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds dancin’ on me like Uzi
Choppa kick, Bruce Lee
’ up too deep
With my .223
It’s a baby choppa, I’ll rock ya ass to sleep