Kevo Muney – I’m Golden

Kevo Muney - I'm Golden

Kevo Muney gets back with a smooth single that commends all that he has experienced.

Kevo Muney at first got the attention of fans when he uncovered his interesting cover craftsmanship for his mixtape which included a real goat bringing forth him. Say what you will the stun factor, however it stood out enough to be noticed and since that , Kevo has kept on dropping dope melodies and ventures. His most recent track is classified “I’m Golden” and it is perhaps the most grounded exertion to date.

All through the melody, we get some pleasant guitar circles and vocal examples which help offer up a passionate and intelligent tone. From that point, Kevo drops some moving bars about his come-up, all while singing the verses with some elegantly done autotune. Generally, it’s a quieting track and one that Kevo fans will absolutely appreciate.