Kenny Mason – Pup


Kenny Mason - Pup

Kenny Mason “Puppy” is the yearning new single from his forthcoming task, ‘Celestial Hoodrat: Supercut.’

Atlanta craftsman Kenny Mason follows up a month ago’s classification exchanging single “Partments” with a “Little guy,” another track that is considerably more aggressive and sonically formless. Initially prodded by Kenny Mason the previous fall under the name of “alien004.mp3,” his most recent single is an almost five-minute profound plunge into the Angelic Hoodrat’s immense melodic reach. “Puppy” additionally gets positions together with “Partments” as another single from Mason’s forthcoming venture, the exceptionally expected Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut.

“Little guy” is grounded by a glitchy beat that irregularly flips between dirty rap sonics, meager electronic soundscapes, and guitar-loaded suggestions, yet Kenny Mason doesn’t skirt a stage while dominating the different styles housed on his most recent single. Like his last single “Partments,” “Puppy” is visually part into two distinct parts, with the second segment of the single including the muddled and threatening lyricism that the “Hit” rapper turned out to be generally known for.

As per Complex, Mason’s impending choice collection is set to show up on April 16, and notwithstanding “Partments” and the recently delivered “Puppy,” Supercut will likewise include nine already unheard tunes. Prepare for the Angelic Hoodrat follow-up by looking at the video for “Little guy” underneath.