Keemo Bankz – ‘Love Story’


Keemo Bankz - 'Love Story'

In a surprising twist of events, the enigmatic musical maestro, Teboho Tévon Nyiki, a.k.a. Keemo Bankz, has resurfaced from his self-imposed hiatus with a heartfelt anthem, ‘Love Story’. Previously known as the Fresh Prince of J-BAY, Bankz shocked fans when he publicly announced his departure from the music scene. However, his absence was short-lived, as he returns triumphantly to the limelight, eager to celebrate his passion for music.

With ‘Love Story’, Bankz collaborates with a dynamic trio of producers: the international sensation Wendingo, along with local talents Khasta Gee and T Real, all hailing from the vibrant J-BAY music scene. Together, they have crafted a captivating composition that exudes pure love and radiates electrifying energy.

Indulge in the magic of ‘Love Story’ by pressing play below:

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