KanKan – 14

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KanKan - 14

KanKan 14

Listen to this soft audio studio work named 14 on SAHipHopZA Today..

“14” is a sparkling hit single by most regarded American country singer.

The track features amusing sounds and wonderful melodies, it will get your day started bright and make you not want to take off your headphones.

Stream, and Download below.

KanKan 14 mp3 Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Bitch ass nigga can’t hit my ‘Wood
Ha, uh-uh
Bitch ass nigga can’t hit my cup

Bitch ass nigga can’t hit my Za’
We lurkin’ all day, tryin’ to knock off his top (Knock off his top)
Fuck it, catch him in the hallway
Fuck it, lil’ Jay do it broad day
Run in his shit, run up in his safe
We lurkin’ all night, nigga, ’til he think it’s safe (Uh-uh)
I bet his ho know me (Uh-uh), ain’t none of these hoes gettin’ saved
This lil’ ho screaming “14”, I guess she tryin’ to get slayed (I guess she tryna get slayed)
Lil’ nigga thought he knew me, I was finna up my rank (I was finna up my rank)
Nigga, free Will out that cell, you know he uppin’ a shank (You know he uppin’ a shank)
Nigga, free Doo out that cell, he was tryin’ to catch him a brain (He was tryin’ to catch him a brain)
Know I gotta keep me a cup (Yeah)
FN on me, like, who do I trust?
I done fell in love with my cup
I’m off Roxis, nigga, can’t get enough
These niggas want no smoke with us
These niggas jokes to us (Jokes to us)
These niggas can’t get close to us
Call up Jay Glocky, he like, “Who I bust?”
These lil’ niggas be hoes to us
Them boys, they broke as fuck
(These niggas can’t get close to us, uh)
(These niggas hoes to us, yeah)
All of my niggas the chosen ones
Heard these lil’ niggas owe me some (Them niggas owe me some)
They bitin’ swag, but they know I’m the one (They know I’m the one)
These niggas hatin’, I hear it in they voice (Yeah)
Crazy nigga, yeah ’cause we ain’t have no choice (Yeah ’cause we ain’t have no choice)
Bitch ass niggas, I’m the one that they bite on
Ho ass nigga, hit his ass through the window
I’m in that Maybach, the one with the pillows
Bro had to stop by the store, got some ‘rillos (Yeah)
Glock .45, make a bitch nigga fold
He ain’t gettin’ stripes ’cause that lil’ nigga told (Yeah ’cause that bitch went and told)
Yeah, I’m too up to fuck a bitch nigga ho (Yeah)
Yeah, I’m on FaceTime with lil’ Jace
My niggas brandishing poles
You know it’s thirty shots to the face
Nigga, so you better lay low (Better lay low)
Nigga, lil’ Daro just caught him a case
Fuck 12, get my niggas back home
Yeah, swear these lil’ niggas be gay

Uh, swear these lil’ niggas be gay
Swear these lil’ niggas be lame than a bitch, damn
Swear these niggas be lame, these niggas be hoes
These lil’ niggas be lame, these niggas be hoes

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