Jarren Benton – Who Do I Trust

Jarren Benton - Who Do I Trust

It17;s been a while since we got with Jarren Benton. The Funk Volume item has gotten back with another single called “Who Do I Trust.” The title will hit home for a large number of us, as trust issues are quite relatable for most. Jarren pops the well established question, and inquiries for all to hear about those that encompass him while highlighting his past.

A bass-weighty, trap beat fills in as the foundation for “Who Do I Trust.” A mysterious mix of twisted female vocals and synths make a haunting vibe as Jarren empties his lyrics. True to form, the rapper changes through a few streams and flexes his style as he releases significantly more than one bar. Toward the day’s end, “Who Do I Trust” is angsty and a little haunting, however it makes for an extraordinary single.

Quotable Lyrics

I told her I’m out, thought I was foul
Aye bitch we just fucked, now walk down the aisle
I count up my blessing I thought I should smile
Been at it ten years, probably fathered your style