Haviah Mighty ft Old Man Saxon – Antisocial

Haviah Mighty ft Old Man Saxon - Antisocial

The Toronto rapper taps in with the “Beat + Flow” for her most recent single.

I’m disclosing to you now, will be the one to pay special mind to this year. The Toronto rapper has arrived at a ton of praise throughout the span of her profession yet her most recent singles show that she’s going to be coming at rappers necks each of the 2021. This week, she released her first single of the year named, “Antisocial” ft. Beat + Flow star .

“Antisocial was delivered by Devontée, Weirdmahdi, and myself. I tuned in to the beat months back, feeling truly stimulated by the hard cuts and fun percussion,” Haviah said in an assertion.” That energy inside was contained as I sat on my bed, hanging out alone, socially separating – something I invested a ton of time doing around the time I composed this melody. As I got settled and acquainted with being distant from everyone else, I zeroed in on self improvement and self-care. As somebody who for the most part just felt agreeable in a hurry in the chaotic rushing about such is reality, this season of easing back down to all the more likely become more acquainted with myself was significant.”

Quotable Lyrics

I give the best of me, I know I’m not a sucker
It ain’t no flesh in me, I void it at the supper
I been lonely off the rip
DIY I learn it if I know I’m not equip

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