ForeverHood ft Calboy & Foogiano – Make It Happen

ForeverHood ft Calboy & Foogiano - Make It Happen

and associate with on another banger.

Calboy and Foogiano were taking successes every one of the 2020. The two rappers both had gigantic years with the last getting a charge out of a strong breakout through the last part of the year. Presently, ForeverHood has associated the two craftsmen for his new single, “Make It Happen.” The three rappers are upheld by a creepy snare instrumental as they think about the highs and lows of the snares, however there is a celebratory vibe when Calboy swings in with his songs. ForeverHood’s sharp stream slices through after CalBoy and Foogiano as he flexes his stream.

Calboy is as yet enjoying some real success from the arrival of 2020’s Long Live The Kings just as the luxurious edition. Foogiano is likewise pushing his undertaking Gutta Baby.

Look at the most recent singles from Calboy and Foogiano beneath.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m the richest young n***a where I’m from
Pussy n***a that’s fact
Got your main bitch, took her home
Took off her thong, never called her back

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