Emotional Oranges ft Biig Piig – Body & Soul


Emotional Oranges Body & Soul Mp3 Download

Emotional Oranges keep the score bursting at the seams with brief yet important new single “Body and Soul.”

Emotional Oranges have formally gotten back with another single, with Complex debuting the Biig Piig-helped “Body and Soul.” Though the actual track is moderately on the concise side, there’s still a lot to appreciate on this one, particularly for long-term devotees of the band. Promptly catching an up-beat vibe powered by a consistent drum and a moving bassline, “Body and Soul” is affirmed to show up on their forthcoming collection JUICEBOX.

Talking on the track’s creation to Complex, Emotional Oranges uncovered a smidgen the backstory. “It was really the extension for the primary track we did and we chose to work around that for a completely new melody,” clarify the band. “The vibe great, lighthearted energy helps me to remember ‘Movement’ and ‘Individual’ and we’re happy we had the option to bring that back for JUICEBOX.” Feel-great and cheerful undoubtedly, as the two performers’ easy science mixes pleasantly over the lavish score.

With the track set to deliver on streaming stages this Wednesday, make certain to look at the most recent from the band at the present time.