Dave East – Child Of The Ghetto

Dave East - Child Of The Ghetto

Hip Hop music craftsman Dave East drops off his most recent record, “Child Of The Ghetto.”

There’s been a great deal of theory with respect to Dave East’s best course of . He’s unquestionably a remarkable lyricist yet Hollywood could be calling for him in the near future. He has been plunging further into acting and he wants to get more engaged with film and TV. Be that it may, he’s as yet extraordinary at what he does as a rapper and he refutes his doubters with his most recent offering, “Child Of The Ghetto.” The rapper’s refrains slice through the creation with conviction as he considers his come-up from destitution to rap fame.

Delivered as short film, Dave East exhibits the two his qualities as a rapper and an entertainer in “Child Of The Ghetto.” Check out the rapper’s most recent offering underneath and sound off in the remarks.

Quotable Lyrics

Find me out in Cabo when the climate is 80 degrees
Hermes the hoodie, Hermes the sleeve
If the devil wears Prada, just Louis Vuitton me
That shit from overseas
Special delivery, damn a n***a glittery