Conway & Big Ghost LTD – Toast

Conway & Big Ghost LTD - Toast

Conway’s as of now gunning for the title of Rapper Of The Year in 2021. Look at Conway and Big LTD’s. new track off of their approaching task, “On the off chance that IT BLEEDS IT CAN BE KILLED.”

Griselda had quite a disagreement 2020. Finishing out the year earlier with WWCD, they raged through the 2020 with various deliveries from Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher, alongside debuts from their most recent Griselda endorsers. They truly kept tension on the rap game for an entire 365 + days and they don’t appear to back off at any point in the near future.

It as of now seems like Conway has new warmth for the year. The rapper collaborated with Big Ghost LTD., once more, for another new communitarian project named, IF IT BLEEDS IT CAN BE KILLED which is expected out not long from now. Kicking the mission for the undertaking off is, “Toast.” Big Ghost LTD. conveys an extensive and heartfelt creation while Conway puts forth a defense concerning why 2021 will, indeed, be a of strength. “I ain’t no rapper, don’t think we the equivalent/’Cause we gon’ cut one of you n***as in the event that you leave your path.”

Phenomenal raps. Astounding creation. On the off chance that IT BLEEDS IT CAN BE KILLED is unquestionably a task to keep your eyes out during the current year.

Quotable Lyrics

Lot of blemishes in your records, it’s a few errors
So you built a brand off of cap like New Era
Still a $2000 shoe-wearer
Christian Loubs, I got few pair of, two-door coupe steerer
New Fear Of God on my body, something to shoot near it
If its a booth near, I’m in that bitch spittin’ truth serum