Chip – 10 Commandments

Chip - 10 Commandments

Song writer doesn’t hold his tongue on his most recent send for Stormzy.

The previous year has been huge for Stormzy. The 27-year-old grime MC has been enjoying some real success off of the arrival of his 2019 sophomore collection, however it didn’t show up without discussion. A few people have been going battle with Stormz including Chip who’s as of now on his third diss track. Recently, he delivered his most recent single, “10 Commandments” off of his impending undertaking, Snakes and Ladders. This denotes the third diss towards Stormzy, however this one is ostensibly the harshest. “Yo, brief you’re on home attacks/Next moment you’re at outsiders, paintin’/Like, why you love going people groups houses? Yo, tahn up in ya yard, you paigon,” he raps.

A fascinating perception, Chip’s takes on Stormzy with pieces of humor and horrendous bars. Look at it underneath.

Quotable Lyrics

You got that contradictory flow
One minute it’s “Fuck the government, fuck Boris”
Next minute you’re tellin’ people “vote”
Boy, you’re not a Christian, you’re a fraud
Crucify him, praise the Lord