Chika – FWB


Chika - FWB

Record artist Chika debut his new single ‘FWB’.

The Alabama rapper flaunts her amazing vocals and rap aptitudes in this genuine tune, opening up about her wants to have a sentimental relationship with somebody who — speculating by the title — she is likely as of now companions with. The verses recommend she and her adoration interest have a mystery, personal connection away from plain view, while keeping up their kinship — an absolutely relatable topic.

Listen below.

Quotable Lyrics:

This ain’t nothin’ special, I came for that act right
Got my spend the night bag, you know I always pack light
Ain’t no strings attached, my nigga, f*ck it, I’ll be that type
Pull up inconspicuous make love like it’s our last night, yeah
Ain’t no shame ’cause you got needs and so do I
I’m ironically on time, you platonically inside
And we’ll forget this ever happened, unimportant by design
‘Til you want another taste, give me the look, I know that sign