Chika ft BJ The Chicago Kid – Fairy Tales

Chika ft BJ The Chicago Kid - Fairy Tales

Chika and BJ The Chicago Kid kick off 0;Quite a long time ago” with “Fantasies.”

Chika̵;s been the one to pay special mind to in the course of recent years. Since the time she appeared out with her post-electionC free-form in 2016, many have been supporting her as they anticipate for her second to really explode. It seems like that second is really starting to happen nowadays, particularly in the wake of delivering her 2020 task, INDUSTRY GAMES.

On Friday, she got back with her most recent EP, Once Upon A Time. She collaborates with BJ The Chicago Kid to establish the pace for the undertaking on track, “Fantasies.” BJ’s vocals make an assertion over victorious horns before Chika’s sweet stream offers a sagacious yet expansive impression of portrayal in the media, particularly for youthful Black kids. “We should several hits for every one of the children that need an image/Let’s advise them that they matter, the media can gab/And look into their lives to frame measurements, similar to we information,” Chika raps on the record.