CalenRaps – Can’t See Me (Freestyle)


The Texas Rapper CalenRaps Shares a New Single titled R;Can’t See Me” (Freestyle)

Arlington, Texas MC CalenRaps has been a humming figure in the underground in the course of recent years. From the time he became famous online off of the accomplishment of his #TenToesDownChallenge in 2016, he’s kept a consistent hustle, keeping up pride in his free accomplishment as he ascends the positions of Southern hip-bounce.

CalenRaps as of late commenced his #MondayMedicine arrangement where he’ll be offering new music at the highest point of the week for the rest of 2. This week, he slid through with his most recent free-form, “Can’t See Me (Freestyle).” Over moderate creation, CalenRaps targets the developing pattern of phony autonomous rappers who cause it to appear to be that there is certifiably not a significant mark machine behind them. “For what reason are such countless names in n***as writin’ credits/Just me and my agony taking all things together my composing meetings,” raps Calen on the record.

Download & Sream below:

Quotable Lyrics
If there’s more than one pen in, you ain’t independent
You ain’t put every cent in, you ain’t independent
Somebody check your e-mail, somebody check your mentions