Bryson Tiller – Losing Focus


Record maker Bryson Tiller hopes to wash his poisonousness away with “Losing Focus.”

Bryson Tiller has been on top of the r&b world for a couple of years at this point and back in 2020, the craftsman delivered a venture called Anniversary which contained 10 tracks that set an entire mind-set. Presently, the vocalist is back with a fancy adaptation of the collection that is loaded with five new tunes, and generally, those vibes have been proceeded in the most ideal manner conceivable.

One of the champions on the select is a track called “Losing Focus” which sees Tiller attempting to prevail upon his accomplice who he undermined. The artist realizes he wrecked, and for certain rapped refrains, he attempts to clarify his wrongs and win back the lady he really needs to be with. This is totally supported up by a smooth instrumental that fits pleasantly with regards to the collection.

Quotable Lyrics:

See I’m losin’ all focus
If you chosin’, am I chosen?
Cruisin’ in this coke Benz
Soon pickin’ up your friends
Give dirty looks ’cause they know a lot
A hunnid , yeah, they know I’m not