Beyoncé – Black Parade


Beyoncé - Black Parade

Beyoncé Black Parade Mp3 Download

Beyoncé Black Parade Mp3: Beyoncé comes through with a new single ”Black Parade”

Alicia Keys and John Legend shared the stage in a Verzuz battle and a number of artists have released new singles and projects that speak to the current political climate and issues plaguing the Black community.

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Quotable Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, I’m for us, all black
All chrome (Yeah), black-owned (Yeah)
Black tints (Yeah), matte black (Yeah, yeah)
Roll by, my window down, let ’em see who in it
Crack a big smile (Ding)
Gold figure, me and Jigga, fifty ‘leven children
They like, “Chick, how?”
I charge my crystals in a full moon
You could send them missiles, I’ma send my goons
Baby sister reppin’ Yemaya (Yemaya)