Benny The Butcher ft El Camino – Immunity


Benny The Butcher ft El Camino Drop a New Hit Single “Immunity”

Benny The Butcher and El Camino have been keeping it moving for some time now, and being that the pair are successive associates, it wouldnR;t have been long until they associated for a game-changing gathering of the managers. Presently, Benny and Camino have united their two families, BSF and TCF separately, for the impending aggregation project Trust The Sopranos. Flaunting extra commitments from Che Noir, ElCamino, , Rick Hyde, Heem, and the late DJ Shay, anticipate that this one should be another strong serving of tarnished mafioso bars.

Download & Stream Below:


They know we’re close on my level at
Walked in this bitch like what up where my cheddar at
Link with execs who don’t know where no ghettos at