Baddnews ft Benny The Butcher – Good Vibes

Baddnews ft Benny The Butcher - Good Vibes

Hip Hop musician Benny The Butcher joins Baddnews on “Good Vibes,” an up-beat banger that shows up substantial on the bars.

New York rapper Baddnews established a solid connection during his tryout for Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow arrangement, and however an administrative indiscretion kept him from advancing to the following round, that hasn’t prevented the lyricist from crushing to his maximum capacity. For example, he as of late got an element from world class lyricist Benny The Butcher, who came through to spit a few bars on the pristine single “Good Vibes.”

“This record with Benny holds an alternate degree of significance, on the grounds that in addition to the fact that he is probably the hardest lyricist in the game at the present time, but at the same time he’s from upstate NY simply like me” clarified Baddnews, in an authority articulation. “This is only the start and I can hardly wait to show the world what else I have in store this year.” As for the actual track, “Good Vibes” finds the two players going in over some uptempo creation, with Baddnews standing his ground close by the Griselda emcee – no simple accomplishment, no doubt. In case you’re searching for certain bars from a couple of Upstate New York lyricists, look no farther than this new banger here.


Made being gangsta cool again, hooligans
You know how I’m manoeuvering
These top ten lists I find humor in
And I been on an incline like ten times
Plugs I befriend mine, the Benz with the tuxedo insides