38 Spesh ft Benny The Butcher – Stash Box

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38 Spesh ft Benny The Butcher - Stash Box

38 Spesh Stash Box: Listen  to as 38 Spesh & Benny The Butcher Load Up On “Stash Box”

Despite the early success he saw on the streets, the pain was never far away. “It broke my heart when they killed Moran, I can’t believe the D.A. mentioned my name when his girl was on the stand,” he raps. “Understand that’s my lil man, they found the n**gas that did it, I pray they all get killed in the can.”

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I know bout trap nights n**ga, and what half-price get ya,
So much dope I could throw a baby in the trash like Brenda
Straight hold the mac like he bout to blow a bagpipe, n**ga

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