24hrs – Real Walker

24hrs - Real Walker

Hip Hop music craftsman 24hrs grandstands his songwriting capacities on “Real Walker.”

Atlanta craftsman 24hrs has been incredibly dynamic in the course of recent years because of some nitwit projects and certain singles that have assisted him with developing his fanbase, gradually. The craftsman is known for conveying faultless songs, and with his most recent exertion called “Real Walker,” that is actually what he favors his fans with.

The creation includes a tasty guitar circle that hangs out of sight while the shaking hello caps help add a few twists to the sound. From that point, 24hrs goes into narrating mode as he pronounces his agony while additionally portraying his life. This is totally sponsored up by those previously mentioned tunes, making this an incredible track to add to your playlists.

Quotable Lyrics:

Gotta tell my story ‘case we got similar problems
You ain’t have a million, that mean you still at the bottom
Fuck it, I hit u-ey ‘cause the GPS just fucked up
If you me lackin’, you got know that you just lucked up