Zan’Ten – Another Version Of Us Album


Zan’Ten - Another Version Of Us Album

Zan’Ten Another Version Of Us Album Download

Album: Another Version Of Us
Release Date: May 6th 2022

Listen to and enjoy this amazing debut project titled Another Version Of Us Album.

These gentlemen have been managing everything since the highest point of the year. Their Grootman Percussion style is top notch.

Since Djy Zan SA and Djy MaTen began teaming up it has been a glorious disclosure for admirers of Sgija/Grootman Percussion. With a lot of singles to their names, including Touchdown which has been moving since their Groove Cartel Session the couple are currently prepared for a full scale attack on the wireless transmissions with their forthcoming album.

Zan’Ten took to Instagram, to report the task which they have named “Another Version Of Us”. The album will be dropping on May sixth. Two days from the hour of composing.

Look at the post on Instagram beneath.

Another Version Of Us Album Tracklist

  1. Crossroads Of Stories (feat. Kyika DeSoul)
  2. Izolo Lokho
  3. Impusle (feat. Thabi P)
  4. Come On (feat. Kyika DeSoul)
  5. Staptap (feat. Kyika DeSoul)
  6. eMpilweni Yam
  7. Jeke Maan (feat. Malemon, Djy Biza & 10x Guluva)
  8. Umshiso (feat. Scoop Lezinto)
  9. No Mystery
  10. Endless Motion
  11. Nocturno
  12. Sweet Monday
  13. Abancane (feat. Welz)
  14. Paradise (feat. Jay-Sax & Djy Biza)

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